Multiplier Events 2022

On Wednesday 29th June 2022, Súkromná Základná Škola Felix, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bratislava hosted the Empathy for Children multiplier event in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Some of the achievements of the previous two years of the E4C project were on display as part of a larger exhibition.  The afternoon started with a short presentation explaining the history of the project together with a video message from Iben Sandahl.  Guests were then invited to view a number of exhibits, artwork and videos created by the student and teachers and take the opportunity to meet members of the E4C project team.           

ECECE will host an online Transnational Project meeting for the Erasmus+ Empathy for Children project (E4C) in Klagenfurt, Austria. The meeting will be led by The Capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava and include project partners Sukromna zakladna skola Felix Bratislava (SK), Infomedia Formazione Ferrara (IT), ECECE Klagenfurt (AT) and INSTITUT ZA RAZISKAVE IN RAZVOJ UTRIP ZAVOD. The meeting is to be addressed by the internationally renowned educationalist, psychologist and author Iben Sandahl who will lead the discussion on the effectiveness of the project’s implementation and its results.

Next Transitional Project Meeting to be Hosted by ECECE on 25th April 2022

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Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, we have no choice but to deliver the October Empathy for Children workshops online. 

The project will conclude in August 2022 with the implementation of the E4C Guidelines which provide a useful tool to aid the successful implementation of Iben Sandahl’s innovative methodologies in state and local educational curricula.  The Erasmus+ Empathy for Children project has already been published and implemented in partner schools thanks to the hard work of all involved and the close support and cooperation with Iben Sandahl.

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Additional 3-day Training for Online Teaching
1st - 3rd February 2021

In order to ensure the E4C project did not lose momentum during the Covid-19 lockdown, the project partners invited teachers to attend workshops from 1st to 3rd February 2021 for two hours each day in order to learn more about the assessment tools and discuss alternative strategies for online teaching during the pandemic.  Teachers were presented with the E4C Teachers’ Booklet and discussed diagnostic tools such as eco-maps for understanding social interactions.  

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25 May Steering Committee

The E4C Steering Committee met online to discuss the transnational training period and confirm the availability of participants from the partner regions. 

A4 Transnational Training

EFC Team Discuss Transitional Training Dates Online

On Monday 11 May, EFC partners met to discuss how best to meet project deadlines during the coronavirus lockdown.


It was decided to begin the transnational training for teacher later than originally planned in the hope that there will be some easing of the Coronavirus lockdown by then.


Despite the fact that the EFC team are determined to provide face-to-face training in Bratislava, it was still considered prudent to put contingency plans in place for online training if delegates are unable to travel to Slovakia.


A provisional timeframe for training towards the end of September was agreed, although precise dates depend on the availability of Iben Sandahl The team will meet again online on 25 May with the aim of finalising training dates.

Kick-off Meeting February 2020
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On February 25th and 26th February 2020 representatives from the Empathy for Children met in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the Institut za Raziskave to launch the project.


The ‘kick-off’ meeting was a great success and the team agreed that the first steps would include the implement of a website, the creation of a database of schools and educational institutions, consultation with stakeholders and secure support declarations from prospective partner schools and higher education institutions.

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Discussions begin with Partner Schools in SK

The transnational training for prospective teacher trainers is still scheduled to go ahead at the end of this academic year despite the present Coronavirus crisis. 

The transnational training approach will be based on a first 5 days training of 4 teachers who will become teacher trainers and who will then cascade their knowledge to other teachers within the Bratislava region research community. The training will be held by Iben Sandahl sometime in August or September 2020 (to be agreed). In total, there will be 20 participants attending the 5-day training in Bratislava.

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Felix School is in talks with schools to encourage their support for the Empathy for Children project. It is hoped that these ‘Partners Schools’ will release at least two teachers to attend transitionary training with Iben Sandahl’s in September 2020. These teachers will then act as teacher trainers across schools within their region to cascade the information, knowledge and skills gained from Iben Sandahl’s lectures and workshops.