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Scope of Work

ECECE is a non profit organization designed to help new potential entrepreneurs in building sustainable businesses, university students to create their future innovative jobs, vocational training institutions in developing self-reliance of trainees, helping them in becoming more self-reliant and active participants in their communities, also endeavoring innovative cross-sector collaborations and new business start-ups.

ECECE continually researches new ideas, and values to generate new strategies for creating system change. ECECE fosters the processes to identify better ways for the social, policy, academic and private sectors to leverage each other's knowledge through whole brain approach and design thinking processes to build an entrepreneurial culture, in order to increase the collective ability to positively impact the need of innovation in the entrepreneurial milieu.


ECECE cooperates daily with its group of international experts and is working for / with various institutions throughout Europe and it is currently partner with Kärnten Region on the implementation of the project CONSENSO - “COmmunity Nurse Supporting Elderly iN a changing Society” founded on the first call of the Alpine Space Programme 2014-2020 aiming at developing a care model that puts the elderly at the center of health and social services thanks to the pivotal role of the Family and Community Nurse (FCN), and with the Kärntner Volkshochschulen on the ERASMUS+ project Adult Cognitive Decline Consciousness (call 2017) aiming at developing tools and actions to promote health literacy in the field of active ageing.

In the first project ECECE is responsible for the elaboration and delivery of a Social Business Model to support the start up of social enterprises at local level according to the specific social needs to be charged whereas in the second is supporting the regional partner in properly defining contents to be adapted on the edutainment tools under implementation.

Relevant Skills and Experience

ECECE is a key regional player in innovative business culture consulting and advisory services, with a special focus on whole brain approach and design Thinking. Thanks to the know how of its consultants ECECE operates within three main divisions: Project Management Consulting, innovative business idea generation and innovative business planning. ECECE daily challenges are acquiring the most up to date knowledge in entrepreneurial culture development as well as an up to date knowledge of the latest methodologies to maximize the creativity of potential entrepreneurs and start ups. Persistently working toward continuous improvement, and stretching its potential, ECECE have succeeded in developing models and tools that serve to identify new entrepreneur’s specific requirements, addressing them in the most effective and efficient manner. ECECE strive to constantly upgrade and fine tune these methodologies.

Thanks to a recent collaboration with the Fachhochschule Kärnten, the Landesschulrat für Kärnten, the Kärntner Volkshochschulen and the same Stadtschulrat für Wien, ECECE is implementing new tools and methodologies to ease and then spread participative approaches for young people based on the design thinking (and in general the whole brain) approach, in both formal and not-formal education environments. In this sense these experiences will be exploited to provide direct inputs to the testing phase by stressing the use of participative approaches based on design thinking (and more broadly the whole brain) approach to involve pupils into the testing / laboratories implementations. Inputs will be both made available for the whole partnership in the preparation phase (by collaborating with the LP - UniMoRe in the setting-up of the tools) and directly deployed on the Austrian schools.

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